Raggio verde

Seaside Lido in Agropoli

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Il Raggio Verde is an accommodation that offers numerous services which you can enjoy to enjoy an unforgettable holiday . The main services offered include catering, a bar, reserved parking, a private beach, volleyball courts and entertainment services for the little ones. It is located on the San Marco promenade of Agropoli, in the Cilento in the province of Salerno, not far from the city center and the nightlife.

The entire corporate identity was created for the structure, creating a solid, unique and inimitable brand and much attention was paid to the Photo Shooting performed to show the structure and all the services present on a website created ad hoc.

Raggio Verde


The logo of the Green Ray is intended to fully show what the structure represents, a bathhouse, the services it offers and of course the sun and the sea.


The website created is a responsive, functional site, with attention to detail with descriptive contents and high quality images that show the bathing structure in all its splendor. It contains all the information necessary and useful to the user.

company merchandising

Logo Application

To strengthen the image and identity of the brand, we decided to personalize different objects through the application of the previously created logo.

Signage Graphics

Since the structure has several areas within it including the beach area, the showers. The restaurant, the bar we were asked to create signs to indicate all the information and with the aim of being functional for the customer.

“Advertising excites, falls in love, seduces. It arouses emotions. A kilo of advertising can contain 999 grams of rationality, but it will shine and stand out for its gram of madness.”

Luis Bassat
company photographer salerno


We have created a photo service to show the entire structure, the services offered and the quality of the products, not forgetting to highlight the professionalism and commitment of the staff.

agropoli photography


To make the seaside resort even more professional and differentiate it from the many others in the area, various gadgets have been created including T-shirts, hats, beach towels to leave the brand image imprinted in the customer's memory.

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