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The Paestum Inn Beach Resort is a hotel that rises directly on the sea, located in the heart of Cilento just a few kilometers away from the Archaeological Site of Paestum registered in the Unesco Heritage , where to spend a holiday of peace, well-being and culture. A hotel located a few km from the main attractions in the area.

In this project, the client requested that the entire corporate identity be created through the study, design and development of the logo and the graphics, the website containing all the necessary information for customers who want to enjoy a holiday in the beautiful Cilento with detailed information of the Resort and not only and finally its contents.

Paestum Inn


The logo was created with the intention of creating an image that would convey the idea of ​​all the benefits that the structure offers. The services of a 4-star resort, modernity, the attention to detail and the proximity to the sea and the archaeological site of the city of Paestum.


In this work the website created is a responsive, functional site with contents that provide all the information necessary for the user looking for a hotel in the Paestum area with the related links, prices, pictures of the attractions in the area and photographs of the structure.

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The graphics we have chosen to use to best represent the Paestum Inn resort is a graphic with an elegant and refined design, just like the structure. It perfectly combines elegance and technicality to convey feelings of trust and safety to the user and excite.

“People don't buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic.”

Seth Godin
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Graphic Applications

To make the brand image even stronger and clearer, we then created different types of personalized gadgets with the logo of the structure, to give to hotel guests, to leave a mark in the memory of customers, to strengthen the corporate identity and at the same time enhance the professionalism and values ​​on which the company is based.

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After creating the logo, we designed a series of applications of it on gadgets to further affirm the brand and its identity.

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