Polisportiva Santa Maria

Soccer Team of Castellabate

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Known soccer team of Santa Maria of Castellabate a town that rises directly on the sea in the province of Salerno and known for having become the filming set of the Film Welcome to the South. Located a few km from Agropoli considered the pearl of Cilento from which it is possible to visit, thanks to maritime connections, the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positanto and other enchanting places.                             

The request from the company was the creation of the website for both desktop and mobile devices. A website divided into sections, containing information dedicated to the team, the championship, information about the players, constantly updated with a section dedicated to the results of live matches, to the rankings, to football market in short to all that which concerns the world of football.

Polisportiva Santa Maria
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The website created for the football team contains all the information of the team, gallery, videos, photos and sections created specifically to display the cards of the players, the rankings of the whole group and the matches and allows to have direct contact to all the fans with the team.

Mobile devices

To allow everyone to view the site correctly, avoiding to display the contents incorrectly, we have created an ad hoc responsive site that perfectly adapts to the device with which the user is surfing the net.

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