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Barbuti is an Italian brand known for the creation of high quality men's clothing works together with the Marzullo brand, a well-known manufacturer of ties with attention to the smallest detail and extremely elegant, the first in Italy to have been personalized with the initials.
The entire process of creation and production of the tie is completed within the Marzullo supply chain located in the town of Salerno, thus managing to offer a final result of excellent quality and unique on the market.

The customer's request was to highlight the production phase and the product once completed through photo services and corporate reports and the launch of adv campaigns on magazines sector.

Marzullo / Barbuti
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Still-life photography

For the e-commerce website, photos were taken with still-life technique to enhance the details of the products, paying particular attention to the fabrics, colors and finishes trying to communicate their uniqueness and quality through photography.

Corporate Reportage

The company report tells the story of the company and the stages of product processing through emotional and unique shots that highlight the professionalism of the company and the quality of the final product.

Events Photos

The company requested a photoshoot during a themed event. Hence an accurate and attentive shooting with unique and emotional shots that after a post-production work were used on the website, on the brochures, depliant and finally on the pages of the social networks of the company.

“Ninety percent of the success of any product or service lies in its promotion and marketing.”

Mark Victor Hansen
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Adv Campaign

To generate greater interest and communicate the message that the company wants to convey to its target audience, we have opted for the creation of an emotional advertising spot, thus consolidating the corporate image and values.

Campaigns on magazines

In addition to the adv spot, in order to give greater visibility to the company and strengthen its brand identity, a advertising campaign was carried out on the best-known magazines of the sector.


The advertising on signage was developed with the aim of spreading the product and using it in the communication posted for the opening of new stores.

Post production

With the work of post-production the shots obtained have been improved by intervening on the light, color and contrast in order to highlight and highlight the characteristics of the product.

Business graphics

We have dedicated ourselves to the design of depliants and brochures for product descriptions, creating content consisting of photographs and detailed descriptions using graphics in line with the style and colors used in the creation of the logo company.

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