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The Box Mistral company is located in Bellizzi, in the province of Salerno. It was born as a manufacturer of wadding for the padding of mattresses and from a small local reality it soon became a company known in various countries of the world for the production of quality mattresses. A solid, reliable and serious company.

The task for this project was to create the website, the restayling logo, the creation of a advertising campaign accompanied by video and signage, the company coordinated and finally 3D modeling.
We talked to the customer to collect all the information necessary to fully understand their needs and expectations, subsequently proposing some solutions in line with the brand identity of the company.


Logo Restyling

The restyling of the logo, despite maintaining a continuity with respect to the previous version already known by users and the market, aims to give an aspect linked to the world of luxury, as the company approaches the most important symbol brands of quality. For this reason, the colors used to represent the company are gold and black. Very important is the tricolor impeccable symbol of made in Italy.

Company Coordinated

For the customer we have created a corporate coordinated in line with its brand to enhance its professionalism and highlight its personality and values ​​and to consolidate its brand making it recognizable on the market.


The responsive website adapts perfectly to the size of the device with which the user is browsing. It is composed of a structure that makes its navigation fast and intuitive and of an attractive graphic. The contents have been carefully chosen to fully reflect the company's image. Great attention has also been paid to SEO optimization.

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Rendering 3D

The interior and exterior of the mattress through the realistic 3d modeling are visible to the customer in every detail even before being made. In this way it is possible to choose the composition, color and fabric.

“A brand is a story that develops through all the points of contact with the customer.”

Jonah Sachs
insegna roma

Adv campaign

Our goal in creating the advertising campaign was to visually create content that could quickly arouse emotions, describe and involve the user in order to purchase the product. Adv videos were shot to spread them on the main social channels.

Post production

After making the various shots, we took care of the post-production to further improve their quality by realizing an impeccable work with attention to every detail.


The advertising on billboard was developed with the aim of spreading the product as much as possible and to strengthen its identity by making use of the presence of a well-known personage known in the entertainment world Rocco Siffredi. An impact image was used followed by a short message, easy to remember and a well-known character to hit the viewer and to make her remember.

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