Al Bano Carrisi

Un pugno nell'anima

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It doesn't take many words to understand who we are talking about. Obviously we refer to Al Bano Carrisi well-known Italian singer known all over the world for his songs and his unique voice.

For Al Bano we dealt with the filming of the video of one of his most famous songs "Un pugno nell'anima" which describes the pain of the singer for the loss of the beloved daughter. For the photo shoot, which we dealt with during the shooting, we used various tools, among which the main one is the quadcopter that has us allowed to obtain an excellent final result and to highlight the beauty, magic and suggestion that the place chosen to make the music video conveys, that is, the estate owned by the singer.

Albano Carrisi
photoshoot al bano


The photoshoot shows unique shots of the singer and the location chosen in this project.


In support of the videoclip we captured the most significant and salient moments during filming through a photoshoot.

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al bano carrisi image

Music video

The videoclip was shot inside the winery owned by Al Bano showing a place dear to him and intense images of the singer in this song dedicated to the missing daughter.

Aerial Photography

The aerial shots were used to show all the charm and suggestion of the place chosen for the shooting of the music video and its surroundings.

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