Gocce di seduzione

Beauty Center

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For 12 years the Aesthetic Slimming Drops of Seduction Center, located in Altavilla Silentina in the province of Salerno, has been the ideal place designed for wellness and for physical and psychological relaxation. A real oasis for aesthetics and slimming thanks to the professionalism, experience and latest generation machinery used.

For the beauty center, by agreement with the client, we developed the entire brand identity starting from the study and creation of the logo and then continuing with the coordinated image, the graphics , the website, the social network pages and finally the creation of content many of which realized through photoshoots which took place inside the beauty center. In this project we have tried to convey and emphasize the atmosphere of peace and well-being that the customer experiences by going to the beauty center, obviously highlighting the quality of the products and services that the company offers.

Gocce di seduzione


The logo we have studied and created uses a siren as the key symbol. The mermaid has always been considered an excellent enchantress, with a seductive beauty endowed with grace, it lends itself perfectly to the image that the beauty center wants to convey.

Graphics Coordinates

The corporate coordinator born with the aim of enhancing the company's mission and aspirations, affirms and reinforces its name by using business cards, letterhead, letter envelope and logo applications.

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Corporate Graphics

The visual communication chosen to represent the brand is based on the use of warm and relaxing colors capable of communicating wellness, beauty and harmony in perfect symbiosis with the type of services that the company offers.


The goal pursued in the creation of the website was to create a dynamic site, with a fresh and modern impact, responsive with clear and detailed information and professional photographs. A real showcase that reflects corporate values, stands out and emerges within a highly competitive market.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to watch.”

Leo Burnett
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The professional photo shooting carried out for the beauty center aims to illustrate and make known the company and its services, the benefits and results that are obtained through their use and the promotion of them through proper communication on the web.

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Social Media Marketing

For Gocce di Seduzione we considered it essential to develop a marketing strategy through the use of the social networks facebook and instagram to reach customers and find new ones by exploiting the channels currently most manned by target audience and create sponsored ads and advertising to increase visibility.

product branding

To increase the visibility and professionalism of the brand, we have created various customized objects with the logo of the beauty center, including the shopping bag, the work coat and the labels for products.


The graphic layouts used for the billboard advertising of the beauty center offer combinations of photos and text aimed at showing and describing the services that the company offers, underlining their quality and professionalism.

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