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Atelier Sissi is an elegant open space in Agropoli, in the province of Salerno, recently renovated. A refined environment with crystal chandeliers and exposed clothes, where you can choose the most important dress of your life and the accessories suitable to complete your look.

For the Atelier Sissi, in comparison with the customer, we devised a communication plan based primarily on the creation of the graphics. From here we subsequently created the logo and the website paying attention to the Seo and the optimization favoring the positioning on the main search engines. Finally, we considered it suitable for the type of activity to give a significant importance to communication through the use of social networks, facebook and instagram with images and content that we created through photo shoots carried out inside the atelier and the subsequent post production work before publication.

Atelier Sissi

Study of the logo

A simple logo was chosen for the Sissi atelier, with a classic and elegant style in line with the activity in question and with the type of service offered.

Corporate graphic

The corporate graphic coordinator highlights the professionalism, prestige and seriousness of the company. We created the business cards, the letter envelope and the vaucher completing the image and perception of the brand in an elegant and captivating way.

Logo application

To underline the professionalism and elegance of the company, we have created various applications of the logo, creating personalized objects such as self-produced clothing labels and invitations to reinforce the brand image.

Brochure graphics

The graphics that we used for the brochures is classic and refined but impactful as the photographs and the contents that frame it. Minimal graphics in colors and style, to leave space only for content and created taking into consideration the personality of the brand itself.

website mobile


The website elegant and functional, with attention to layout, content and images, develops a responsive web structure in order to always show perfect content whatever the device that is used for its navigation.

Social Network

The presence is essential on the main social networks for the type of activity in order to make the company and its products known not only through images but also thanks to the descriptive posts that accompany them. Through social networks it is possible to reach a large audience and make all the initiatives, promotions and services offered by the atelier more quickly.

“Personalization is not a matter of name and surname. It's a matter of relevant content.”

Dan Jak
photographer atelier

Advertising campaign

To consolidate the image and values ​​of the company and increase its visibility, an advertising campaign was designed using various tools such as social networks and sector magazines using the shots adapted through the post production work for the different uses based on the message the company wants to convey and the target audience.

photo fashion shooting

Photo shooting

A Fashion Shooting for the launch of their first self-production collection. The right emphasis was given to the features of the model and the lines and colors of the clothes worn. To complete the creation phase, we added a post-production operation carried out with dedicated programs, indispensable for optimal final work.

Post production

The shots obtained from the photo shooting were subsequently retouched through an accurate work of post-production to obtain a perfect final result and to adapt them to the different uses that derive from it.

Rendering 3D

For the client, we carried out an accurate three-dimensional modeling and rendering of the photography setting to obtain a photo-realistic result.


The images and the graphics used for billboard advertising present elegant procedures, suitable for the type of activity, photos and text with the aim of getting to know the atelier and the product offered.

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